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What is this toilet paper made out of?

Our toilet paper is made from 100% virgin bamboo pulp. Bamboo is native to tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate climates such as China and India. 


Where is the bamboo sourced from? 

Chongqing Bamboo Forest


Are there harmful chemicals in your toilet paper? 

No, our toilet paper is chlorine, methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone free. Instead we use hydrogen-peroxide to give our toilet paper the standard white color. Bamboo fibers have a considerably high percentage of lignin compared with regular tree fibers. This results in a higher strength and allowing us to not use harmful chemicals and additives.


What are the cores and wrapping made of? 

The core and the wrapping are both made from 100% recycled paper. Both can be recycled as well 


How will my septic/pipes do with bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper breaks down much easier than standard TP. As soon as you flush, it will turn into little pieces allowing it to flow safely down your pipes.


Can I cancel an order?

Bamboo Hugs orders can be canceled for any reason up to 30 minutes after placing the order. If it's been more than 30 minutes since placing the order, the order will ship as scheduled. In order to cancel your order in the 30-minute window, you can email

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